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You have to pay for using WhatsApp, the company gave information

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Users may have to pay for using Facebook’s messaging platform. This has been given in an official blog post from the company. WhatsApp has millions of users worldwide and is the most popular messaging platform. However, the good news is that WhatsApp will charge not only all users but WhatsApp Business users in exchange for using the app.

If you are a Whatsapp Business user, soon you will have to pay for some of its services. The pay-to-message option has been announced by WhatsApp Businesses with more than 50 million business users worldwide. The blog post stated, “We will charge our business customers for certain services.” However, pricing details for Business Services have not yet been shared by WhatsApp.

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Found new options
WhatsApp says that by charging business users in this way, the app will also be able to create its own business and will continue to provide free end-to-end encrypted text, video and voice calling to the users. On Thursday, an update has been given by the platform to businesses using its API and software interfaces, with the help of which companies will be able to manage the message threads of their customers on a third party dashboard even outside the app.

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Ads will appear in the app
The messaging platform charges a small fee from some customers on its business service. This payment has to be made in lieu of sending the receipt and confirmation to the reminder reminder on WhatsApp. For normal users, there will be no change related to payment in the app and they will be able to do the same messaging as before. However, WhatsApp can show ads on the app in the coming days and has been working for a long time about it. Ads can be shown to users in the Status section of the app.

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