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‘Your birth city Delhi did not see such pain after Partition’ – Irrfan Habib furious at Shahrukh’s tweet

New Delhi
The country is in bad shape in the second wave of corona virus epidemic. The country’s capital Delhi is the most affected by it. There is no place to recruit patients in hospitals and people have to wait for hours even to get their last rites performed. In such a situation, questions were being raised about the organization of the Indian Premier League, but a tweet by Shah Rukh Khan has further increased this mess.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. However, his team’s performance is not very good in the IPL at this time. The team currently occupies the lowest rung. On Saturday, the team lost to the Rajasthan Royals. Earlier on Saturday morning, Shah Rukh made a tweet- ‘MPL is very happy to be the principal sponsor of KKR. It feels good when you grow with KKR. Now it’s the turn of wisdom. Let’s see what new games are on your phone. ‘

Shah Rukh, who calls himself a Delhi Wallah, did not like the tweet by Delhi-based historian Irfan Habib. Delhi is currently badly affected by the corona virus epidemic. Here hundreds of people lose their lives due to this disease every day. The lack of oxygen in hospitals has brought breathlessness to the people.

In such a situation, on this tweet of Shahrukh, Habib said, ‘This tweet of yours has come at a completely wrong time. Delhi, which is the city of your birth, is going through the pain she went through during the Partition violence. However, an embarrassing 1984 had also passed. This tweet could have been avoided. Your PR team should show a little humanity.

On April 24, 24103 cases of corona were reported in Delhi and 357 people lost their lives. This global epidemic has reached alarming levels in Delhi. The positivity rate has reached 32.27. Which is very dangerous.

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