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Yuvraj Singh challenge Sachin Tendulkar: Yuvraj Singh gave the challenge to Sachin Tendulkar again, said – break my record – yuvraj singh give another interesting challenge to sachin tendulkar of ball knocking

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 31 May 2020, 05:59:00 PM IST

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Lockdown continues across the country due to Coronavirus. The government has given exemption for some important things, but the situation is far from normal. In such a situation, celebrities are entertaining their fans on social media and are giving different kinds of challenges to each other. These days, Yuvraj Singh and great batsman Sachin Tendulkar have a different challenge going on.

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar was given the challenge of knocking by Yuvraj Singh before the edge of the bat, which was done by Sachin with a black band in the eyes, in a very fun way. With this, Sachin once again asked Yuvraj to do so.

Yuvraj Singh has once again given Sachin a new challenge. This time Yuvi took her challenge to the kitchen. He has used a cylinder instead of a bat with a black band around his eyes. Yuvi is bouncing a tennis ball with the help of this cylinder.

While bowling the ball on the cylinder, Yuvraj says to Sachin, 'Paji, now we have to come to the next stage. You made a lot of 100 on the field. But now it is the turn to make 100 in the kitchen. It's my turn for you 100 now. After all, I am a teacher of the Guru.

Posting this video, Yuvraj Singh gave the caption in the same manner, writing, 'Master you have broken a lot of records on the field, but it is time to break my record in the kitchen. Sorry I can't post the full video of this as it will take a long time to count 100. Paaji, now your turn hopefully you will not break the kitchen items. Yuvi has also used several laughter emojis with this caption.

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