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Yuvraj Singh wanted to play tennis

Edited By Bharat Malhotra | | Updated: 27 Jul 2020, 09:34:00 AM IST

Yuvraj loved tennis

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Former all-rounder of the Indian cricket team, Yuvraj Singh has said that he once wanted to become a tennis player as well. Yuvraj, referring to his childhood, has said that his father had broken a racket he had brought. After this, he did not ask for another racket out of fear.

Yuvraj said, 'I loved skating and tennis a lot. I wanted to pursue a career in tennis. I remember that I had asked my mother for the racket and they asked my father for it. The father was a little annoyed but he brought a racket of around 2500 rupees at that time. I was playing quarter finals or something and eventually lost. I hit the racket hard and it broke. '

Yuvraj said, 'After the racket broke, I was afraid to ask my father for a new racket. Then I thought I would play cricket for a few days and then ask for a new racket. But I started playing cricket and then I stopped playing tennis.

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Talking to Sportskeeper, Yuvraj said that he plays tennis for his fitness. He says that he enjoys playing tennis so much that he doesn't miss cricket too much.

Yuvraj said, 'I have always played tennis for fitness. I like tennis very much and to be honest, I do not miss much now for not playing cricket, I play tennis almost every other day. '

Yuvaraj further said that even after retirement, the players want to stay connected with the game. He told about the recent conversation with Sachin Tendulkar. He told that Sachin told him that if he does not play for four-five days, then he becomes a little upset.

Yuvraj said, 'Sachin was saying that it is necessary for him to play some game. Be it golf or table tennis or badminton. So it is necessary for every player.

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