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Yuvraj’s support to farmers in birthday post, separated himself from father’s statement

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Today is the birthday of former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj announced on social media that instead of celebrating birthday this year, Hav would hope that the ongoing tension between farmers and the central government ends soon. Along with this, he also distinguished himself from his father’s statement in which he said that the players should return their awards in support of the movement.

Sharing a statement on Twitter, Yuvraj said, “Of course, farmers are the life of the country and they feel that the problem can be solved by peaceful negotiations.”

He further wrote, ‘Birthday is a chance to fulfill my wishes and instead of celebrating on this birthday, I just ask and pray that the ongoing dialogue between our farmers and our government comes to an early conclusion. ‘

Yuvraj wrote, ‘I am saddened and disappointed by Mr. Yograj Singh’s statement. I want to make it clear that his statement is personal and in no way my views are like him.

This reaction came after Yograj Singh’s statement on Monday in which he appealed to the central government to listen to the demands of the farmers. Yograj had supported the players who are returning their awards in support of the farmers who are protesting.

Yograj had said, ‘Farmers are making right demands, governments should listen to them. Now the time has come that the government should come up with a solution and I support the players who are returning their awards.

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