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yuzvendra chahal video: ujvendra chahal misses cricket training, shares video, dil ki baat – yuzvendra chahal missing his cricket training days post video on instagram

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 29 Jun 2020, 01:09:00 PM IST

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The young leg-spinner of Team India, Yujvendra Chahal, is now getting bored at home. He now remembers his cricket practice and his favorite coach by returning to the field. Chahal has shared a video on Instagram by sharing his heart. All sports activities in the country have been suspended for more than three months due to the global pandemic Coronavirus and players are also locked in their homes.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the lockdown, Yuzvendra Chahal was tickling fans with his funny videos. But later they discontinued it. Now Chahal has shared a video of his cricket training, in which he is the fielding coach of Team India R. Fielding is seen doing drills with Sridhar.

Sharing this video, Chahal wrote in the caption, 'Coach R. Missing these fielding drills with Sridhar a lot.

In this drill, Sridhar Chahal is practicing fielding on the boundary line. He gets ground fielding 3 to 4 times then Achana challenges Chahal to catch him by playing a shot in the air. Chahal catches it easily. The video is during a break in a match, in which spectators sitting in the stadium are also seen. Viewers are also enjoying this fielding drill of Chahal.

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